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Between the Numbers

Oct 2020

78. Hola, me nombre es Entre los Números.

Hola, welcome back to our weekly fiesta where we laugh at the expense of real humans and also Charlie. This week, we take a look into why Boston College might or might not be garbage, and we also discuss actual interesting things too, don't worry.

Oct 2020

77. Red River Spelling Bee

The boys are back with another clown fiesta filled with hot takes, spelling, and Box's fears of piggies. 

Oct 2020

76. Defense be Damned!

We are back for yet another week of examining last week's offensive clown fiestas across the college football realm, and we look ahead to discuss if Chokelahoma can bounce back against Iowa State, whether Bronco Mendenhall has a snowball's chance in hell against Clemson, and more.





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Sep 2020

75. The Big Ten Has Entered the Chat.

The gang is back...kind of. Introducing a new host, new name game, New news. College football is back, Larry Scott still has managed to keep his job, and Notre Dame is still Notre Lame. Also, if anybody has seen Isaac, we are pretty sure he is still attempting to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon, and he left his cell phone here when he left, so we'd appreciate any update.




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Aug 2020

74. Alexa, Play Football!

We are back! Well, three of us are, for now. After a pandemic-induced hiatus, we can resume bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of college football! Listen to Episode 74 to hear all about almonds, pineapples, Jim Harbaugh's bad habits, and the color orange!



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