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May 2020

73. The SEC: Money, Cash, and Hoes

Welcome back folks, we've got some special guests this week! Bub and Spencer join us to talk about HBCUs, SEC football, and much more!

May 2020

72. The Draft In Review

Hello and welcome back to your irregularly scheduled programming! We've got some great croot chat and draft talk for you this week, and a return visitor in Mr. Brandon Cavanaugh (@eightlaces)!

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Apr 2020

71. Are We Sure Rutgers Isn’t The Source?

Sorry for the delay folks, with the general lack of anything happening in the sports world, we've been having a hard time staying on schedule. We hope you'll bear with us as we do our best to continue putting out quality content in these unprecedented times. Did I use that word right? I keep hearing it everywhere. Anyway, enjoy!

Mar 2020

70. Has Anyone Checked On Texas This Millenium?

The Rona can't keep us down! We're back and grasping at anything we can find in the world of college football! Come join us as we talk about what to expect in the fall, who the winningest programs in the last couple of decades are, and why you don't mess with Purdue Pete.

Mar 2020

69. Nice

It's the one you've all been waiting for. The nicest episode we've made yet. Join us as we fight off death and disease to talk about almost no news, and all our favorite "69"s in college football!