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Dec 2019

58. You Can’t Play Football In Khakis

Well, we're a day late and a dollar short, again. Sorry for the delay folks. This week, we bring you all the conference championships you can handle! All 9 of them! We also discuss some of the most promising bowl match-ups and obviously, some playoff talk.

There is a very good chance that we won't be putting an episode out either next weekend or the weekend after as most of us are traveling for the holidays, but we'll do our best!

Dec 2019

57. Wisconsin’s New QB, Traffic Coan

Our deepest apologies for the delay. As promised, we're late for the first (and probably not last) time this holiday season. Buckle in as we talk about some crazy games that happened during rivalry week, why Nick Saban is washed up, and what we expect to see in the conference championship games or as I like to think of them, Round 1 of the Playoffs (for certain schools only, not the G5 ones or most of the P5 ones)!

Nov 2019

56. The Pac-12 Is Hoarding Chaos

Hey there folks, welcome back! We're getting so close to the end of the season that it hurts. And this week is RIVALRY WEEK, so there's gonna be plenty of hurt to go around!

Just a reminder, the episode next week will be late. Hopefully we'll get it out Tuesday, but there's a chance it will slide to Wednesday.

Nov 2019

55. Jason Brown Is Willing To Podcast For Minimum Wage

Welcome back again! It's been another 7/365ths of a year, and we're here to talk about coaches, croots, and crazy catches. Join us as we discuss mostly just Arkansas for a while, and then all the crazy football from last weekend and a lot of less promising football next weekend!

Nov 2019

54. The Podcast Controls Their Own Destiny

We did it! We are one week closer to being outraged about the choices of a dozen people in a small room! Join us again as we discuss the ever-spinning coaching carousel, scheduling news, croots, and obviously, football games.

I know this is a day behind our normal schedule and I want to preemptively apologize for the rest of the year. Monday will likely become our normal release day again going forward with the Holidays and all and there is a good chance that we'll have some delayed releases in the coming weeks.